Friday, April 2, 2010

[project] puzzles

Elle loves puzzles so I decided to make her a set of puzzles that would be a fun activity for her to work on during one of our meetings at church. They're the perfect size to put together right on top of a hymn book.
If you have a QuicKutz Revolution or Epic tool, I used the 4x4 puzzle die to create each puzzle. However, I'm sure you could create the same concept by just cutting out pieces that fit together.
Print out a photo and cut to 4x4. I just printed mine on plain copy paper so it would be thin enough to cut using my die-cutting tool. Adhere the photo to a thick material like chipboard. I used QuicKutz adhesive-backed white chipboard which made it really glue required.
Die cut or cut the photo mounted on chipboard into a puzzle shape. If you want the puzzle pieces to be thicker, die cut or cut an additional piece of chipboard and see step below. If it's thick enough for you, skip the next step.

Turn the photo/chipboard piece over and layer the other die cut puzzle pieces on top to add thickness. Be careful to line up the pieces exactly so the puzzle will still fit together nicely.
Take the puzzle apart and spray each piece with a clear acrylic coating to help make the printed photo more durable.
Create and print a label for the puzzle and place in small ziploc bag.

Repeat process with more photos - you're going to need more than one to keep her entertained during that hour of church.

Place puzzles in small clear file folder. I found mine in the dollar section at Target a while ago.

This project seems a little labor intense, but it was so fast and easy. I made the entire thing in less than an hour. She loved it and really enjoyed putting together the puzzles which had her picture.

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Rosander said...

K I have to tell you I randomly came across your blog and LOVE all of the fun ideas. This one totally hit home to me. I too am always looking for things to keep my kids busy during that (last meeting for us) but this is the perfect idea! I LOVE the puzzle Idea and having the family/ Church theme is awesome! She can learn and I might make it though the sacrament!!!!! THANK YOU!