Thursday, October 9, 2008

wall calendar

I love calendars, and I love to make them. I could spend hours just drawing out days and months and years and planning to my heart's content. A few months ago, I made a "reusable" wall calendar to capture our family's day-to-day schedule. I used a glass whiteboard from Ikea and made a calendar template with white vinyl. At the beginning of each month, I just erase the contents and rewrite the next month with a dry-erase marker. I placed another glass whiteboard below which I use for To Do lists. There are several clips down the side which I can use to clip upcoming wedding/party invitations, coupons, etc. I also try and take a picture of the calendar at the end of the month before I erase it so I can use it to help document or record what was going on in our lives during that month.

Glass Whiteboard
White Vinyl - I used my Silhouette to create the white vinyl strips.
Dry Erase Marker

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

chandelier cards

The grunge chandelier look is so popular right now so I decided to try a sophisticated, clean chandelier look on these notecards. I layered individual die cuts to create the chandelier shape, then added Glossy Accents. I'm showing the version I created in white, but I also created the same monochromatic design in black, a bright coral pink, teal, lime and a pale yellow.

Die cut shapes (I used my Revolution - shape REV-0039)
Glue Pen
Glossy Accents

fashion book

I have a sister studying fashion design at college. I think her classes sound so fun and creative - like the fabric she is designing right now for a class assignment.

I bought this book on a trip to China earlier this year. It is so fun and inspiring to look at. I love resources that help get you started with creativity. Sometimes it's all you need to get started on the next best creative project. Without this book, I would have no idea how to even think about drawing clothes. I'm using the book to help make the best dressed paper dolls for my little girl. And, if she likes to draw or be creative, I think it'll be a fun book for her to look at and practice with someday.