Wednesday, August 19, 2009

fabric feedback

I need your feedback!  So I have an idea about recovering a small child's couch/chair for a toy room I'm redoing right now in my basement.  I'm not really set on a specific color palette for the room, but I'm currently thinking aqua/teals, corally orange/pinks/red, grays.  I want the room to feel fun yet slightly sophisticated.  With just 2 girls for now it can edge towards the girly side, but I want the flexibility of it not being so girly that a boy is totally out of place.  

I did a quick search at and pulled these swatches.  I'm thinking that if I can find a fabric I really like, I can base the paint and some other decor around it.  

So do you have any favorites from the image above or any recommendations I should check out?  The couch/chair will be set against a wall that is visible when looking straight through the door into the room. 

Any thoughts???

Monday, August 17, 2009

tiny pin cushion

Since my sister Lauren left (along with amazing sewing ability), my sewing machine has been gathering dust. I've got a list of projects to sew, but before I do I want to make these cute pin cushions from Origami Mommy. I think it be interesting to also try creating them in a slightly bigger size.

dresser tool chest

I like this idea on Crafty Nest for turning an old dresser into a rolling tool chest. I think it would be perfect for storing art supplies and craft tools.