Saturday, April 4, 2009

party supplies

I just bought these for Elle's birthday party.  I found the best combination of price/quantity here, but shipping was expensive (almost 1/2 the total cost).  Overall it was still a better deal.  I got...
- 250 2oz. paper souffle cups - $4.39 (for cupcakes)
- 250 3oz paper souffle cups - $4.99 (for cupcakes)
- 1000 wooden ice cream spoons - $14.99 (for mini ice cream scoops)

The Wilton brand of cups ranged from $2-$4 plus shipping for only 24 to 30 cups.

Anyone need wooden spoons???

baby shower drinks

I think this is such a cute idea for a baby shower. It just takes a piece of fabric, diaper pin and a bottled drink.

baby kimono shoes

I love these handmade baby shoes. Find the pattern here.

Friday, April 3, 2009

letterpress cards

elum creates amazing lettepress products. The detail and intricacy of their designs are unbelievable and create such beautiful inked impressions. With the letterpress technique, I'm sure they feel as amazing as they look.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

for lizzy

Get the how-to here.

[create] chore/activity chart

This is a project I've been wanting to create for a long time to help Elle understand and maintain a basic schedule. I kept it very simple knowing that there are key things I'd like her to do every morning (items on the left) and night (items on the right), but in general, my schedule is inconsistent which means her schedule is inconsistent. I'm hoping it can also help with establishing a bedtime routine that will get her to bed earlier than 10 or 11 at night...seriously what 2 year old gets to stay up that late???

As the first project I made in my quest to start creating with all of the craft supplies I have sitting around, this project used:

- metal sheet (given to me by a friend who bought it from a local steel company that will cut sheets to any size)
-clear pebbles (found on clearance in the home decor section at Target/find at any craft store)
- ribbon
- patterned paper (I used a set of greeting cards that I knew I would never actually write in and send)
- QuicKutz black vinyl and transfer tape
QuicKutz adhesive-backed magnet sheets
Silhouette Digital Cutting Tool
- diamond glaze


- Cut a piece of adhesive backed magnet sheet to fit your piece of patterned paper.
- Adhere the patterned paper to the adhesive side of the magnet sheet.

- Draw a circle around the glass pebble.
(Don't worry about drawing directly on the
patterned paper because you will cut inside of the drawn line.)

- Cut out circle.

- Glue patterned paper to the pebble with diamond glaze.
(You could also use basic glue, a double-sided adhesive sheet, etc.
I like the clearness of diamond glaze and happen to have some in my craft supplies.)


- Use your Silhouette to cut out desired words in any font you like.
(I used MA Sexy for Elle's name and Ahroni for the chore words.)
- Weed the excess vinyl from the word (shown in picture above)

- Place transfer tape over the top of the vinyl word and rub to adhere to vinyl.
(QuicKutz sells a hook tool and scraper that makes these steps fast and easy)

- Remove backing from vinyl and place vinyl word on metal sheet.
- Rub to adhere to metal sheet and remove transfer tape.

(Transfer tape is just an easy way to transfer vinyl letters or images to your desired surface all in one step without ruining the layout or design of the vinyl transfer the entire word 'elle' in one step versus trying to apply an e, then an l, l, then another e
and keeping the letters straight, consistent etc.)

- Thread ribbon through holes in metal sheet to create hanging loop.

- Hang chart in desired location and use pebble magnets to check off activities when completed.

This same project idea could be used to create to-do lists, family home evening assignments, homework charts etc.

[create] projects

I like craft supplies, just like my husband like tools. I like to have a good variety of products and supplies, and this is one place where I have a difficult time throwing something away (there just always seems to be some future creative potential!). Working in the craft industry also hasn't helped minimize this collection of stuff.

Unfortunately, I seem to have a hard time actually using these things to create the projects I want to make. Life, family, church, work, home all seem to take up more time than I have to give. Consequently, my collection grows larger and the list of "things I want to make" gets bigger.

So instead of just letting my stash grow and grow without any use, I've decided to pick projects I've been meaning to make and actually create them. Watch for these projects showing up under the title [create].