Saturday, September 13, 2008

chandler and price - new style

As my letterpress obsession has grown, I diligently search letterpress sites and email lists for available equipment (and if I haven't seen it, my mom has and called to tell me about it!). A week ago, a post popped up listing a new style Chandler and Price with Kluge feeder available in SLC - right in my backyard! My mom and I had contemplated flying to various locations throughout the US to pick up available presses so to have one so close was amazing. I didn't get a hold of my mom until 11 PM that night and when I mentioned the press, she couldn't believe I hadn't already emailed the seller and purchased it. So, I promptly sent an email. Around midnight I was checking my email and saw a response from the seller letting me know it was mine if I wanted. The next day my husband graciously reserved a U-Haul trailer and agreed to help me pick up the press (this press weighs around 2600 pounds) and drive at least 12 hours to my parent's house. We picked up the press that evening which took about 2 hours to load and then began our drive. We drove through the night and arrived the next day around 11 AM. Unloading the press was nervewracking but we got it all set up. My dad and mom and spent hours cleaning it and rebuilding the engine. Hopefully we'll get it up and running soon. I can't wait to try it out.

vandercook sp-20

This summer when I was visiting my parents in Washington, my mom and I spent the entire time searching for letterpress equipment. At the end of a long day, we drove past one last antique shop and debated if we should stop or not. While we didn't find any letterpress equipment, we ran into a woman my mom knew and she suggested we check out the printing store right in my hometown. The next day we stopped by and they had three large letterpress printing machines they used for numbering and die-cutting in the very back of the store. We also decided to head to the newspaper to see if they had any old equipment that wasn't being used. The owner took us into the back and jackpot! There was an antique linotype machine, proof press, Chandler and Price, paper cutter, Miehle and more. I was really interested in the Chandler and Price but he wasn't interested in selling. However, he was interested in selling the proof press which had sat unused for at least 25 years and had just become a stacking place for old newspapers. He didn't have any idea what would be a fair price and neither did I so I promised to go home and do some research and come back to him with an offer. A few hours later, I took my dad into the newspaper so he could see the machine and the owner offered to give it to me for free as long as I could get it out of there (it weighs over 1800 pounds)! My dad and brothers kindly spent a day loading and unloading the machine into my parents garage and both my parents and siblings have spent countless hours cleaning, researching and working getting the press into complete working order. I finally had a chance to see it in person (I'm in Utah, they're in Washington) a few weeks ago and I am so excited! It is amazing! I'm going back at the end of next month so I can spend a few days printing, printing and printing some more. Thank you Colfax Gazette for giving us such an amazing gift. It will be put to good use!

c&p pilot

Letterpress is my new creative love. I've spent the last several months researching all about letterpress and finally located a tabletop machine. Inks and my Boxcar base arrive next week. I can't wait to try the craft out on my very own machine!

oblation papers and press

In June, I took a letterpress workshop from Oblation in Portland, Oregon. It was so much to actually try out the techinque I've been researching and admiring for several months. Even better, my mom and two sisters came too! Definitely check out Oblation if you're ever in Portland!

Friday, September 12, 2008

gocco - screenprinting

I love this tool. It is so easy and fun to use and is the perfect way to carry a design theme through an entire event. You can print on just about anything - paper, cardstock, fabric (I love this feature!) glass - you name it. Just a imagine a birthday party or baby shower with goccoed invitations, party favors, table decor, decorations, gifts, clothing and more! Unfortunately, the tool is no longer being manufactured but you can find them on eBay and from certain Etsy sellers. I have the PG-11 model and hand stamp converter.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

glossy accent

This has to be one of my favorite products. It gives your project a finished look that is amazing. My favorite technique is to use it on top of die-cuts to give them more dimension. A few years ago, Ranger Ink came to my work for a hands-on product information session. It was so fun to get use to try out so many different products. Since then, I keep a nice stash of glossy accent around to give my projects that finishing touch.

glass etch cream

Glass etching is a super easy project that can add a personal touch to your favorite glassware. Try etching monograms, patterns, names and designs into plates, serving dishes or vases.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

ode to spray paint

My friends and family know of my love for spray paint. Spray paint is inexpensive, easy to use and instantly improves the look of outdated or miscolored products. I've spray painted frames, mirrors, clocks, ceiling fans, planters and have always been extremely happy with the results. More importantly, I've been able to repurpose old or inexpensive items into fantastic pieces. Black is my favorite color (surprise, surprise) but there a lots of great colors and types of spraypaint to pick from. Next on my list? More frames and the iron fence surrounding the sitting patio off my husband's office!

Monday, September 8, 2008

stuffed animals

I love the simplicity of these stuffed animals from Martha Stewart. Click here for the project instructions.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

repro depot

I have a very limited collection of fabric - primarily because my paper craft goods currently overwhelm my crafting space. I've been on a search to begin building up that collection for a variety of sewing projects and think Repro Depot has great selection. Any recommendations on great fabric stores from any fabric addicts out there?

baby booties

This pattern is available on Heather Bailey's blog. Super cute design. Baby shoes are so difficult to find but so cute. My sister Liz has made a few pairs for my little girl.