Wednesday, March 31, 2010

[project e] mr. or mrs. holiday man

This project is designed and created by Elle. I love this little crafter.
I have an app on my iPhone from Michaels which has craft project videos. She loves to watch them. The other day while I was working, she sat on the couch next to my desk watching these videos. Later she asked me if we could make a heart with arms and legs (one of the videos she watched was a bag for collecting Valentine's Day cards decorated with a heart that had a whole cut in the middle for a mouth and legs and arms attached). She told me what she needed, and I helped her with the cutting and gluing. She carried her "Mr. Happy Valentine's Day Man" around for the rest of the day. She loved the project so much she decided she needed to create an Easter egg man and another Valentine girl the next day.
To create:
1. Cut a shape out of cardstock. Draw a face with crayons onto the shape.
2. Cut strips of paper and fold accordian style.
3. Glue accordian strips to shape for arms and legs.
4. Cut clothing accessories like shoes, ties, hats, flowers, etc. and glue to shape.
5. Spend the rest of the day carrying your new friend around the house involving them in all important activities like dancing, putting together puzzles and snacktime.


tvmom said...

so dang cute!

Lizzy said...

elle is so creative! i love it. i can't wait for more "project e" ideas!