Tuesday, March 30, 2010

[project] ABC eggs

For any QuicKutz crafters, here's a great way to use alphabet dies and any leftover vinyl scraps to dye Easter eggs. You see this egg dyeing technique all over the place typically using stickers or craft punches to create shapes.

Pick an alphabet die (I used Moonlight) and die cut the letters you need out of vinyl or contact paper. For our Easter eggs, we decided to make ABC eggs with the capital letter on one side and the lowercase letter on the other side. This gave Elle a great chance to practice finding both versions of the letters in the alphabet.
Stick the vinyl letter to the hard-boiled egg. Make sure you really rub the letter securely to the egg. We found that if we didn't the dye would seep in and ruin the image of the letter.

Place eggs in dye and wait excitedly to see what they'll look like (see Elle for example). We just used the basic food coloring drops from the grocery store with water and a little vinegar.
Remove the egg from the die and peel off the vinyl sticker. Place the egg back into the dye to color the letter or just leave the letter white if you want.


JaimeDevinXavierVivian said...

I definitely think I will have X and V do this with their eggs this year.

Cap Creations said...

Good idea thanks for sharing!

Lizzy said...

baby case and i want to do that!

tvmom said...

really cute idea! Elle is such a cutie pie too!

Kim & Sue said...

I love you Elle. Love, Grandma