Tuesday, November 3, 2009

confession session

Confession session comes from my sister-in-law Julie, who kept us continually laughing with her confession sessions on a family trip to Denmark. Today my confession session is that I haven't had a working oven since May. It hasn't really been too much of an issue. With a new baby and the summer months, I've only really missed it on a handful of occasions. Most of the things I would have baked in the oven anyway would have been full of fat and sugar. However now with fall, I've got to stop being lazy and cheap and get it fixed.

When I get it fixed, these cupcakes are first on my list to try - perfect for using any left over candy corns. I can't imagine a much better combination - pumpkin, cream cheese and candy corns. Definitely my kind of treat.


Christa said...

I made those cupcakes for a Halloween party and fell in love with them. They were so delicious. http://dramatizetheordinary.blogspot.com/2009/10/happy-halloween.html
I hope you get your oven fixed and you get to try them soon! No worries, it will be worth the cost of the repairs.

Brandon and Lindsay said...

I made a similar cupcake before Halloween, and I just have one word of advice: eat them quickly! They were really tasty the first day, but after that the candy corns sort of melted and had a weird texture and flavor. I guess that is what I get for not making a pig of myself for once!
Hope your oven gets fixed soon - all those yummy holiday desserts just waiting to be baked!

Charlie said...

Looks yummy - visit to Denmark. OOHH tell me more - where were you - I live between Copenhagen and Elsinore. What time of year was it and did you like it.???

I came here via QK's site (since I am a total QK'aholic). =0)