Saturday, January 22, 2011

party favor sneak peek

Elle and I have started making one of the party favors for her Valentine party....sequin heart hair clips for the girls. I came across this post at Grosgrain Fabulous and loved the idea.


Cap Creations said...

How cute! Love how it came out! A Valentine's Party??? How fun! I so need a girl. Don't get to do these girly things. :(

Brandon and Lindsay said...

Very cute! If I had a girl... Michelle, it kills me that you are a pregnant mom with two young kids who works pretty much full time and STILL you have time to do all these cute things! How do you do it? You make me feel motivated to get some of my projects done and try to be more creative (and a little bit inadequate, I won't lie!) :) Hope to see you guys soon - are you coming up for Brian's reception or Malia's wedding?