Wednesday, April 7, 2010

chevron rug tutorial

I've hit the baby stage where all food ends up on the floor. I'm getting tired of scraping dried sweet potatoes, bananas, green beans, peas and who knows what else off the floor. Adam reminded me we went through this same thing with Elle and at that time I thought about sewing a oilcloth mat for the floor under her high chair. I never found any oilcloth I really liked (it seems a lot easier to find now), but I'm thinking about trying this diy rug/mat option. She painted the design on duck cloth followed by a coat of polyurethane. I love the chevron pattern.

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Brandon and Lindsay said...

Great idea! I thought about doing a similar thing a few years ago (Actually with Jake I could still use it!). The one I saw was on some home improvement show or other, and they actually made a "rug" out of a piece of vinyl flooring and put a border around it. You still have to bend down to scrub it, but vinyl is a lot easier to clean than my tile - and grout!