Wednesday, November 11, 2009

[kids focus] indian headbands

Last week, Elle and I focused on an Indian celebration of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. She became my Little Talks-a-Lot and Liv was renamed Little Smiles-a-Lot.

For one of the activities, we made headbands using cardstock, QuicKutz dies (dots and bracket ) and scissors. We die cut the dots border twice and glued the strips together to create the headband. We then die cut the bracket shape to create two feathers. We just cut off the ends and center of the bracket and rounded the ends to make a feather shape. You could of course just hand cut strips of paper and feathers, but I love the finished look of using a die cut. Plus it's fun to see what alternative uses you can come up with for products you already have in your collection. Elle loves to use scissors so we tried to make the feathers look more realistic by cutting small snips all around the edge of the feather. Finally, just glue the feathers to the headband, place on head and spend the rest of the day pretending to be a little Indian girl.

Blurry pic of Little Smiles-a-Lot to show Grandma her 2 new teeth.


Lizzy said...

love love love

The Good Report said...

so cute with the punches

tvmom said...

Your girls are adorable. Wish we lived closer!

prashant said...

You have such awesome design talent! What a beautiful setting to a memorable feast.

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