Friday, June 5, 2009

baby gifts

I've gotten so many fun, creative gifts for Liv.  Here are just a few I've had the chance to photograph...but there are so many more which I'll try and get posted soon...

Flowers: My friend, Andrea, created this flower arrangement which was simply amazing.  I absolutely loved it - gorgeous flowers, vase etc.  My husband, Adam, said it was the perfect sister, Lauren, said it was the most beautiful arrangement she'd ever seen.

Onesie:  My friend, Laura, created this cute onesie with an applique of a whale.

Burp Rags: My sister-in-law, Cissy, creates the best burp rags. I absolutely love them.

Blankets: My mom made this blanket for Liv and a small matching one for Elle's baby doll.  I had wanted to make these blankets before Liv was born and went with my mom to JoAnns to try and find fabric the night before I went to the hospital.  The crazy thing was my sister, Jaime, had made me a diaper bag and burp rags from the same fabric without even knowing I had picked it for the blankets.  (The bag she made is the pattern from this post.)  It turned out great.

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Heather said...

How fun and SO cute!! If you are at all serious about photos let me know and I will be there in a flash...or you can come here. Most days I get great light for it. I just can't wait to see her...and you too!