Thursday, October 9, 2008

wall calendar

I love calendars, and I love to make them. I could spend hours just drawing out days and months and years and planning to my heart's content. A few months ago, I made a "reusable" wall calendar to capture our family's day-to-day schedule. I used a glass whiteboard from Ikea and made a calendar template with white vinyl. At the beginning of each month, I just erase the contents and rewrite the next month with a dry-erase marker. I placed another glass whiteboard below which I use for To Do lists. There are several clips down the side which I can use to clip upcoming wedding/party invitations, coupons, etc. I also try and take a picture of the calendar at the end of the month before I erase it so I can use it to help document or record what was going on in our lives during that month.

Glass Whiteboard
White Vinyl - I used my Silhouette to create the white vinyl strips.
Dry Erase Marker


Eden said...

Love this idea. Very smart. I love planning as well and a great calendar is essential to a good plan.

Betina said...

Great idea! I may do someting similar when my coat room is finished (after the basement). I want to have a family message center there.

Since you said you love calendars I have to ask, do you have any ideas about a calendar where you could list all the birthdays of an extended family in one place by month?

Betina said...
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Heather said...

I have thought (many times) that your calendar is so cute...always assuming you bought it at Pottery Barn, or some spendy place like that. I should have known you made it.
Speaking of your planning and calendar skills...I can't wait to see what creative thing you come up with using out world!

Betina said...

Michele -
Can you email me sometime at

I have some questions about breastfeeding and bottle feeding at the same time. Isn't this how you did it with Elle? Anyway, this is not very common in these parts so I was trying to think of a Mom who did it.


de la Hoz Family said...

Hello, I am a friend of Eden's and I have enjoyed reading your site.

I have noticed that you often use vinyl for your lettering. Can you expand on what this is. I think I am picturing the wrong product.

Michelle said...

Hi de la hoz family...

The vinyl I use is removable vinyl designed originally for the sign industry. I use the vinyl sold by the company I work for ( It comes in rolls of 10 feet x 8.5 inches so it's designed to fit into the Silhouette (our electric cutting machine) which I use to cut the vinyl. The great thing about the vinyl is that it is removable so you can put it on any surface (like a wall in your house) and remove it without damaging paint etc. Let me know if you have any other questions - Michelle.

The flying monkey clan said...

thanks, I'll check it out.

Dani Donner said...

Hi, Michelle.

I have a question, I also have a Silouette and I have a couple of questions for you (because I'm SO lifting this project!!!):

1 - How do you do with the name of the months? Do you remove them and put in some kind of storage? I have no idea how you do it?

2 - Do you sell a template like yours on the Silhouette online store? (please, say yes...)