Saturday, September 13, 2008

chandler and price - new style

As my letterpress obsession has grown, I diligently search letterpress sites and email lists for available equipment (and if I haven't seen it, my mom has and called to tell me about it!). A week ago, a post popped up listing a new style Chandler and Price with Kluge feeder available in SLC - right in my backyard! My mom and I had contemplated flying to various locations throughout the US to pick up available presses so to have one so close was amazing. I didn't get a hold of my mom until 11 PM that night and when I mentioned the press, she couldn't believe I hadn't already emailed the seller and purchased it. So, I promptly sent an email. Around midnight I was checking my email and saw a response from the seller letting me know it was mine if I wanted. The next day my husband graciously reserved a U-Haul trailer and agreed to help me pick up the press (this press weighs around 2600 pounds) and drive at least 12 hours to my parent's house. We picked up the press that evening which took about 2 hours to load and then began our drive. We drove through the night and arrived the next day around 11 AM. Unloading the press was nervewracking but we got it all set up. My dad and mom and spent hours cleaning it and rebuilding the engine. Hopefully we'll get it up and running soon. I can't wait to try it out.

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